Philosophy of Religious Education

The religious education program at OLPH and SJA acknowledges that we all share a
definite and personal responsibility in the mission of Christ in the world. In the words of Pope Paul VI, ours is the “dedicate, difficult, unpopular task of revealing that Christ is the Savior of the world.” Our responsibility, which also is our greatest privilege, motivates us to continually work so that our parishes will have the best available methods, procedures, and techniques to serve its parishioners, regardless of age, to participate in the mission of Christ, through study, evangelization, liturgy, prayer, peace and social justice.

Adult Education
Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we extend our spiritual hospitality to the families of
OLPH and SJA by providing opportunities for Adult Education. Throughout the year we offer
Faith Formation, Catechetical Training, Parent Formation and Rite of Christian Initiation for
Adults (R.C.I.A). For more information, contact Lisa Schaubroeck at 979-647-4820.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A)
Instruction in the Catholic faith in a series of basic teachings both for Catholics who want
to review the Catholic faith teachings and for those who desire to become Catholic. Adults
are considered uncatechized. Classes meet weekly from September to Easter. For more information on R.C.I.C. or R.C.I.A. (English), contact Lisa Schaubroeck at 979-647-4820. For more information on OLPH R.C.I.A. (Spanish), contact Rosa Ramirez at 979-798-9637 or Elvia Salazar at 979-548-2261.

​Continuing Christian Education (CCE)

This office provides children and teens with the knowledge, experiences and skills necessary
to become faithful and fruitful disciples of Jesus. The program, centered on the
Eucharist and participation in the liturgy, reflects gospel values and Church teaching, is an
on-going process of formation, supports the enrichment of the family, actively involves the
student, and is developmentally appropriate. The Junior and Senior High school programs
include food, fellowship and fun. For more information on OLPH CCE, contact John or Tina Barber at 979-549-1015. For more information on SJA CCE, contact Lisa Schaubroeck at 979-647-4820.

congregation of faith

Religious Education